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Gay Pride
June 22, 2009, 4:40 pm
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On Saturday I went to the Gay Pride Parade, I’ve never been to one and I thought it would be fun, and I can assure you it surely was fun!… It reminded me the Love Parade in Berlin, Lots of people dressed in weird costumes, lots of bright colours and, over all, lots of love!


Love Parade??… not!…



some of the first sightings at the parade…


although the picture is a little blurred I like it somehow… oh yeah! the girl of course! cute, isn’t her?


cute little fella!… he looked so nice with all his gay themed accesories…


yeah… more colours!…


Supermana, a gay super heroine, was there…


they love being photographed…


love is all around!… I think they found a place where no one would stare at them in a weird way or judge them…


really… it was like Halloween…


nice eyelashes…




kind of a mix between Halloween and a Carnival…


my friend San… cute shades huh?


and Astrit… she liked those fake eyelashes…


I have to admit I kinda liked his costume… he did a nice effort…


she just looked so cute…




even more costumes…


she’s so proud of being a lesbian… I mean, in case you didn’t noticed that…



cool one…


damn! that’s a shitload of people!


he really put his life in that costume!


Maf just get crazy when looks at stuff with lots of colours like this umbrella… she wanted a photo with it…


and Anne has this thing for wigs and giant fake eyelashes, though she looked great…


I got to be sincere on this one… It really creeped me out! but still a nice costume…



very patriotic…



happy couples…

Later it started raining, I had to put down the camera and keep it in a safe place from the rain, then run to get a cab… so that was it…


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Me dijeron que tus fotos eran muy coloridas.
No me consta… soy daltónica.

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