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this thing I used to do…
June 20, 2012, 7:18 pm
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nah… I haven’t stopped shooting film… or digital, or whatever. In fact I got a polaroid pack as a present. Something I remember wanting as a kid was a polaroid camera, but mom always said it was too expensive, and nowdays it’s even more expensive and hard to get your hands on some Impossible Project film, at least here in Mexico. As for cameras, well i got a great deal and got a One Step Flash for less than $15 dlls. I just don’t want to waste all exposures on stupid things. First frame:

Me, April 6 00:00, 30 years old exactly…

The next sequence of photos were done in a time lapse that I ignore and can only realize that I’ve been a poor photographer. Anyways…

Dad… I have no Idea where this was taken, that’s why I can’t realize how much time has passed since I took this photos.

Somewhere in Reforma Ave. Mexico city.


My favourite place for doors and passersby.

I really have to stop taking these photos.

Experimenting on heavy contrast scenes.

Alondra at her office.

Again. If i can remember well, we were about to go to a party, lots of sushi and free drinks. Despite the free drinks, I ended up sober… as usual.

I’m surprised by how disperse in time this shots are…

Farmers market.

Eating seeds or something.

After shooting this I noticed a quite peculiar guy in the corner, just raised my camera to take a photo and suddenly the guy starts yelling at me… I just turned around and kept shooting… weird guy!!


uhmmm… yeah, that…

Sometime in your life you have to take a photo like this one.

Christmas time and skulls.

Just kids playing.

Look up… there’s always stuff going on there.

Something tells my that I have a shitty scanner.

Back in the city… typical subway shot.

Misfocused… does that word exists?

How it starts and how it ends, that’s life.

Walking downtown…

I did a photo shoot for a friend and we got some unusual props, like a fish.

Shot with an 18mm, I don’t use that lens that much, f4 and still vigneting… I like that!

This is at Basilica de Guadalupe… people go looking for hope.


Photographer nun…

Insert pre-Hispanic dancers here.

All the way from Ecuador.

Don’t know if he was coming from work or going to…

More gossip…

…and more faith…

You can always find Mariachis singing Las Mañanitas.

Kids Playing… they always find a way and never can get enough.

Now I know where I can find palms for sale.

Waiting at the barbershop… and yeah, that’s me at the background waving goodbye… ok, not really waving… just me. I need a coffee… ’til next time! hopefully not in six months!

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