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You were a child, crawling on your knees toward it…
November 12, 2010, 9:52 pm
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geez!! my last post was on July 24th… damn it! I need to post a little more, I’ve been more active with the other blog, but kind of different stuff from this one. Doesn’t mean I’m not taking photos!… okay, actually I haven’t been taking that much photos as I would like to, I’ve been more busy finding a path in my life… dunno…

anyway, today was Janet’s birthday, she’s the little sister of my friend Maf. I always like to take photos of little kids having fun… yeah, kids are awesome!… when they are cool of course, you know…

mhhh… I remember when my friend told me her little sister was born… now she’s 3 years old…

all her little friends at the kindergarten

sneaking ti get child’s reaction

Janet again

girl in blue sweater… just take a look at her through this photos!

just one more!

okay, hilarious!

finally cake!!

they always smile!

okay… not always, she was a little bit shy, but nice… she liked the cake!

you gotta love the kid in the left!!


granny… cool granny actually!

congrats to Janet!

new Barbie by the way…

I really need some fast lens!!…

mmmm… I’m not gonna promise I’ll be posting soon… don’t wanna lie…


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