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Sacred Family Tree
June 16, 2010, 11:46 pm
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I took this photo back in April 2006, a few days after my granddad passed away and it will always remind me of him. The Sagrada Familia church and the leafless tree superimposed give it some kind of meaning, you know, my grandfather wasn’t in this world anymore but he is in a better place now.
I always admired him, his parents died when he was just around 14 (his father was shot from behind), being the oldest of all his brothers and sisters he got them land they could work on growing corn, he worked on coal mines, then he went to Guadalajara where he started selling bread at the central bus station, he worked very hard for my father and his brothers and sisters, if any of them needed an extra thing he would work even harder.
In his late days he couldn’t remember things from 20 years until then, but he could tell you a lot of stories from his days as a young man, he could exactly tell you the sound the coal made when it broke in the fire, I can remember him playing the harp and singing those old songs and my father beside him singing along with a big smile, I remember when he shed tears in a museum about the Mexican Revolution. When my sister send me and e-mail telling me he passed away my heart broke, it was different… it was like he could live forever, he was invincible, I know it sounds stupid but he was a man so strong that lived through lots of hard things in his life… and 95 years later he left this world… I also did this the day I knew about it… rest in peace granddad!

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