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More stuff from the land of vignetting!
February 25, 2010, 12:40 am
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Still shooting with the holga, learning about it every time i get a roll developed… and I’m liking the results much more every day. I love the fact that it has an integrated flash which is very useful at night while I’m out with my friends, sometimes it’s too dark that even 1600 and my 50 f/1.4 can’t handle that, actually some photos in this post were shot in complete darkness! We were at Floun’s when suddenly the lights went completely off just about an hour after we arrived. Later we got some candles but that was it… all night! and it was great actually! I shot this photos with slide film cross processed, hence the funky colours.

Floun and Luis…

Ayari and Johnny… was great to have them there!

He’s Israel, haven’t seen him in a while and it was a great surprise for me…

Luis… great dude! he’s so easy goin’…

War… Finally candles arrived! It added the romantic touch to the evening… ha!

Double exposures happen every time with holgas!

…and weird light leaks too!!!

I really don’t know what happened here…

Just walking around the city… I’d love to live in one of those apartments.

I have a really funny memory here with my friend Devo…

He’s Devo… we went to a Steve Aoki show, sick partying stuff…

Audrey… we were really craving for a dance night out and this was it!!

War was there too…

more double exposures…

A self portrait and then change film to Portra 160VC

Party shades ON!

More double exposure!… frame advancing in low light is a pain in the ass!

leaving… tired as hell…

Mally at the office of “Cornea Films”

Their pet Vaca… Mally says that night I had a romance with this dog. I’m not much of a dog lover but Vaca is such a beautiful girl!

This was on Valentine’s, band rehearsal and then we celebrated with wine, olives and pizza!…

mmm… random shots here…

Audrey dressed as Link from Legend of Zelda XD

War looking at…

…this apartment building… wanna live there!!

well, I guess this is all for now… I’ll keep shooting with the lovely holga, just got more film yaaayyy!!

cheers everybody

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Hey man thanks for the req… fuck im not in myspace rite?…nahh, great work as always! love the holga results, its hard to pick a fav1 love the double exposure also…that dude devo im sure hes the “shitty on pics look way better in person kinda guy” ha…that “war looking at…mmhh well war lookig at something” pic is just great tc man congrats.

Comment by Laiden Ludonchakra

Más fotos, yeah!
Empezaré a postear en puro alemán, ya que aquí se maneja el inglés… digo, para ser más cool, hahahaha.
Saludoses 🙂

Comment by Ayari

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