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February 10, 2010, 2:37 am
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Sometimes perfection is not what we’re looking for, specially me. A lot of times I find myself trying to run away from all the perfection that all the people seems to be looking after these days. Even though I love fashion and glam photography -and I wish to do that sometime in the near future- with all the carefully crafted images and lighting that seems to be celestial and women with bodies shining like stars, I often prefer a more raw style like Terry Richardson’s (even though I think he’s totally overrated) or Napoleon Habeica’s. The same thing happens when I listen to music, I prefer raw sounds, that’s why I keep listening to Led Zep, Deep Purple, John Coltrane, Charlie Parker… you know, the good old stuff! And find beautiful sounds in the present with Interpol, Broken Social Scene or Dananananaykroyd… still I love over produced stuff like Peter Gabriel, Röyksopp or Digitalism.

That’s why I went for a Holga in the first place, the mysteriousness of the results that it comes up with is just amazing. The failure of it’s components make it unpredictable and funny at the same time. So the experimentation with the Holga came up with some cool photos which are kind of a breath of fresh air for me definitely.

Here are some photos I did with some expired Ilford Delta 400 film. First some straight forward street shooting…

This was a hipshot, I always wanted to take a photo of her, always in the same spot selling stuff, working hard.

Just kids playing on the sidewalk…

More sidewalk shooting…

And then some experimentation with the “bulb” shutter speed on the streets…

Rainy day…

That’s Guru, an amazing design shop and gallery which currently has a Tara McPherson exhibition, beautiful stuff!!

Just a park…

Lamps shaped as gargoyles…

More rainy wather…

Folken having a cigarette…

Nothing actually…

I have a lot more stuff to upload but I’ll keep it for another blog post, now it’s too late and I need some sleep… I’m actually enjoying the Holga, it’s a camera you can carry anywhere, it’s light, compact, and people get impressed a lot of the times, even though it’s a cheap toy camera!

That’s all for tonight folks!


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My friend shoots Diana (similar camera, I think) and it’s great fun 🙂

Comment by Kamil

ira ira salgo en una foto IRA IRA XD estan padres ejem algunas xD pero pues apenas vas empezando con esa camarita n.n echale galleta 🙂

Comment by Folkena

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