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January 12, 2010, 5:14 pm
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I might not have a polaroid camera (yet) but I found this thing that makes your photos look like polaroids and I liked it. Actually it has a very easy user interface and you have to actually wait for the image to appear, just like the real thing. And if you shake it, it will develop faster… kinda cool, isn’t it?! So if you wanna try it go to and download it for free and have a lotta fun! here are some samples of my own…

She’s my cousin Paola with her beautiful and cute daughter Johara.

You might have seen this in a past post… Mónica, Mally and Sammy…

Maf… I love that photo… that day I learned that pineapple Fanta and vodka is actually a good mix!

Folken, Audrey and me having a good time!

Folken and Ayari drinking some kind of gay cocktail…

She’s Paola, just met her a few months ago but actually a nice gal.. with a nice tattoo…

Ayari and Johnny… lovely couple!!

Audrey trying to eat a big piece of meat… chicks who really eat are cool!

Wawa at her birthday party @Pasagüero, definitively a nice place to hang out…

I’m feeling that I will be using this app quite a lot, even though there’s nothing better than a real polaroid. Oh! by the way, there’s something going on HERE. It seems we’ll be having fun again with instant film soon.


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estan re buenas todas todas n.n

Comment by Folkena

gracias manito!! XD

Comment by aldorios

esta super cool ese plugin o lo que sea! se ven super vintage las fotos jajaja!!! y uy como olvidar esa carne XD, a esas carnes yo si l’entro!

Comment by Audrey

jajajajajajajajaja como no! yo también l’entro re duro!

Comment by aldorios

Me gusta como se ven esas fotos.
Buen trabajo muchachito, hahaha 😀
Y bueno, no es amenaza ni nada… coff… coff… pero la próxima semana: ME VOY A QUEDAR CON EL DINERO DE TODOS!
He dicho.

Comment by Ayari

JA!! A menos que ruedes por el piso y caigas de lo alto dudo que eso pase!

Comment by aldorios

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