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November 13, 2009, 12:25 am
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…scans in the post, so sorry but I’m very tired now to edit them. It would’ve been easier to clean the dust off the scanner but again, I’m lazy and tired. Also this photos are from september!! dude, I really need to shoot a lot more!… anyway, this might be one of the most mediocre posts but whatever, here are the photos. (I guess I’m a little pessimistic at the moment ha!)

I’ve been hangin’ out a lot with Audrey and War… they’re such cool and fun guys, I luv’em.


This is at Alfredo’s  on september 15th, Independence Eve night here in Mexico. We had an amazing dinner with steaks and beer, hell yeah!… oh yeah, sorry for the damaged scan but the lab fucked it up.

Audrey War Cena

both enjoying dinner…

Audrey War Luna

making fun of this

There was this skate show we went the next weekend, we were expecting something very different, such a deception. So we left quite frustrated, specially War…

War Greñas

Audrey War

It was a little bit cold and raining when we left…

Being at the other side of the city we didn’t have much more to do, except have some pizza at one of my favourite places…


oh yeah… and some beer!



Fake Elvis

Just around the corner is the Martell music college and they have this Elvis statue there which looked so out of place for me…


Later at War’s we spent the night watching Family Guy and Futurama but before that Audrey playing with her DS… she’s such a geek gamer girl 😉


One week later at a sushi restaurant before a gig with the band…


Mally looking at the menu, she’s a vegetarian so no shrimp, no octopus or such…

Strangers Oxxo

Just outside the restaurant… after I took the photo Floun asked me why I keep taking photos of strangers…


Having lunch at Coyoacán and some street shooting…


The Virgin Mary image in the chair appealed to me… I have a thing for religious images.

Señor caminando

Hat Guy

…and maybe I have a thing for hats too! I tried to follow this guy to get a closer shot but he was walking very fast…

Corazon del Tiempo

Revolutionary street art…


The random photo of the day!!

Hope to be posting more photos soon… not shooting as much as I’d like to because of work, and now it’s even harder with night falling so early, anyway…


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jajaj poca madre las pics manito te amo ❤ jajaja y mas donde me ando picando la nariz XD

Comment by Folkena

ya te he dicho que no te saques los mocos!! jajaja te amo manito… vení y besame

Comment by aldorios

Perdon mi descortesia XD GUSTAS?

Comment by Folkena

Mhh… no salgo yo.
No sale el vago.
Ya me voy ¬¬
Hahahahaha xD

Comment by Ayari

jajaja lo siento, en este post no salen, ya será en el siguiente!

Comment by aldorios

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