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You haunt my dreams…
September 25, 2009, 1:06 pm
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…there’s nothing to do but believe… just believe… just breathe

didn’t know how to start this blog, but as I am listening to this beautiful song I’ll share it with you…

In the last post I talked a bit about an awful weekend, the thing was that the band was playing a nice gig with nice headliners, but quite far from the city. They sent a bus for us and other bands which was something good, sometimes driving in the freeway isn’t cool, and it’s even worse after playing a gig where you end tired as hell!… anyway, Johnny decided to drive on his own, and the rest of us took the bus…


He’s Fausto, the son of a member of one of the other bands in the bus, he has diabetes wich is totally uncool being just a kid…


Lookin’ at the other buses in the road, lots of them from schools, this being one of them. Floun was making weird faces at children, giving them the rock sign \m/ and basically just playing with them…


Mally on the phone…

Even though we took the bus we arrived late, it didn’t matter much, it was raining and stopped just minutes before we got there…

We spent most of the time at the backstage…

Pi Mari

Erick and Marisol…

Sammy Atari

Sammy and Ayari


Mally again…

Juan Atari Flare

Johnny and Ayari leaning on his shoulder… and lens flare…they arrived earlier and by the evening they were very tired, to the point that she actually fainted (one of the many unfortunate events)…


Sammy was goin’ crazy…


he always has the mf attitude!!

After hours waiting and waiting because of the awful organization of the gig the headliner, Victimas del Doctor Cerebro, got onstage…








there’s something about this last one that I like…

uhm… we?… no, at the end we didn’t do our show, another misfortunate event…

later we knew that Johnny, Ayari, Erick and Marisol almost crashed at the freeway back home!!!… yup, another misfortunate event!!… and one week later we had the news that Erick’s brother in law was robbed just outside his house… they took his car… another mother fuckin’ misfortunate event!!!… ohhh! and just on sunday this happened just five minutes away from my house!!… next day I felt it was Apocalypse!! the sightings were horrendous…

On a more positive experience I just had a nice day street shooting a little bit… some results…


did you watched that Chris Weeksdocumentary on street photography? I bet you did… and if you haven’t then go and watch it!… the thing is, I admit I kinda grabbed the idea for this photo from one he did in the documentary…




Independence Day was near so this one was nice for the occasion…




dunno what he was doing up there…



Really… all this tarot and witchcraft stuff really makes me laugh most of the times




he was playing with a bucket, as if it was his car or something… kinda cute!





just arriving from the vet?…


okay I’m posting one last one… I messed up with the focus and terribly fucked up the photo, but i think the kid’s expression is priceless, and his father’s too!!


there you go…

Lately I haven’t been shooting as much as I’d like to… work sucks…




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Todas las fotos te quedaron padrisimas!! 🙂

Comment by adry

gracias!!… quiero mas! ><

Comment by aldorios

Enjoyed the photos and stories man.

Comment by Nhat Nguyen

Thanks mate! so glad you did!

Comment by aldorios

u know? i kinda feel like im hearing the kevin arnold’s chronicles …well if kevin arnold were a cool dude obviously, damn he was such a loser!! i mean, tha girl winnie was sooo cheesy and he was mad about her !! why!?!? …ehem, ehem, sorry back to the point… i really like your work man, that lil’ kid with the bucket car is kinda cute like u said kinda fucked up too, he should be playing with real toys… anyways he seems happy and as long as a kid is having fun im having fun.
hehe see! ur doing a great job ur pic made think bout kids happiness! and as far as i know thats the purpose of a pic.
Thanks for taking me on a flashback trip to my childhood, wish u could see what u made.
take care. u rock!

Comment by Laiden Ludonchakra

Thank you so much mate, you just got it! and I’m so glad that photo made you feel that way, and yes! he should be playing with real toys… thank you so much for you kind comments bro, truly appreciated! You fuckin rock too man

ps-Kevin Arnold was a mf pussy!… haha…

Comment by aldorios

Ya sabes que soy tu flan, jojo.
Me enamoré de la foto en la que salgo recargada en el hombro del vago, se ve hasta mística, hahaha.
Un abrazote Celso, y qué? Entonces si vas a ir a ver al prodigio con nosotros? 😀

Comment by Ayari

ajajajajaja mi flan?! jajaja que pasoooo, mas bien eres el flan de juan ajajajajaja
pus ya no mas que tenga el dinerito y nos vamos a ver al Prodigy!!! a ponernos bien estupidos

Comment by aldorios

So you do play in the band? 😀 Nice.
The last photo you mentioned even with bad focus is great and it adds just realism 😉 Liked the one with dog and umbrella man too 🙂

Comment by Kamil

yup! I’m in “the band” lol
thanks for the comment in the last photo… It really pisses me off when I miss a photo or I can focus just in time to catch the moment… but as you said, it adds realism!…

Comment by aldorios

You’re lucky to be able to focus, my 50mm broke yesterday, it fell down from the cupboard. I have to get it repaired 😦

Comment by Kamil

nice sreet photos mate. I love the tones and they are very consistent. Well done. And thank you for your kind words.


Comment by jono

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