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June 15, 2009, 3:59 pm
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Yup, another fair in town. Actually, I can assure you that every weekend there’s a fair somewhere in this city… anyway, lately I’ve been takin’ lots of photos about the culture in Mexico… there was this contest and well… I tried to get some nice photos for my entry but not anything I’m proud actually… but still i got some nice captures I guess… hope you like’em… here we go…


just cool colours and textures… I might do a B&W version later…


merry go round! these things are always beautiful, even though they are the simplest thing in the world…


light and shade…


there were this all kind of bottles and glass hangin’ in a tent… dunno what was it all about but it looked nice…


light and shade again… and motion of course…


this kid was waitin’ to have a blast… but in the meantime he doesn’t seem so eager at all…


cool! glowing ears and earrings… you’re kiddin’ me right???!!


damn dude, cotton candy! it’s been a while since the last time I had one of those… anyway, take a look to those kids faces…


ahhh I remember this one being one of my favourites back in the day!


hungry??… I was actually, but i didn’t had a penny!


…nice place to watch all kind of families having a good time…


more food… corn with mayo, cheese, chili, salt and lemon :S I really hate that mix…. prefer it with just chili, lemon and salt 🙂


oh yeah! I suck at this kind of games… but my brother actually was good, he always leaved the fair with a couple of prices…


this two little girls were beautiful, they had this glitter make up and looked so cute!


…good luck!

oh yeah! on tuesday I went downtown and there was this another fair, but not the traditional kind… it was about different countries and stuff, food, crafts, etc.


I guess this wrestle thing is a little bit well known around the globe…20090610_0094

more wrestle thing crafts… just lookin’ for some nice DOF and colour…


and just the same concept but with the Day of the Dead tradition…


the Anthropology National Museum by Pedro RamĂ­rez Vázquez… yup, heavy phtoshopping on this one for a little fun…


just a final shot…

guess that’s all for now… have a nice week… mondays suck!


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