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The return of the AE-1P!!
May 21, 2009, 5:34 pm
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That’s it, this is the first photoblog with photos taken with the AE-1P since I got it back from repair. I started taking photos as soon as I got it, but couldn’t get the film developed until now… and now I’m scanning lots of negatives… some are good shots imho… some others not as good… I just hope that you like’em… so here we go…

We had a gig at the TNT Comic Con which I’ve never been to, you know, lots of cosplayers, geeks, and over all weird people… or at least not the people with who I hang out… though I might say there were a couple of cute cosplayers…  anyway…


Erick arriving…


Sammy was there too, she was showing Erick some T-shirt design she made… she’s a quite talented gal actually…


Johnny there… such a rockstar lol! but hey, he loves being in front of the camera… and he knows how to act in front of the camera, that’s why he’s one of my favorite subjects…


Sammy… another nice subject to photograph…


yup… she knows hot to look at the camera indeed!!


That’s Floun in an improvised photo session with Johnny… actually they were just goofing with the camera and a set inside the comic con…


Johnny during an interview at the comic con…


Mally had another photoshoot done by some wanker who take pictures of nicely dressed female cosplayers, altough she isn’t a cosplayer. He said he would send the photos back just as soon as he have them, obviously he never sent her the photos… he should be masturbating with them…

Meanwhile I was having fun with this…



Just a week after that it was time to celebrate Alfredo’s Birthday, and when that happens every year I know I’m having one of the best meals…


Nice argentinian style steaks!!! really… I drool all week long waiting for that…


Tacher waiting for the steaks to be ready… 


Left to right- Alfredo, Rojas and the guys wich I don’t remember their name… sorry…


Alfredo’s father was the chef, but after everyone ate he just sat down and enjoyed his steak watching a football game… (soccer, if you prefer the lame american way of calling it)…


later that same evening… Alfredo again, David and… God knows!

Weeks later we went to Zimapan, a little town in the middle of nowhere, it was a nice trip but quite stressful…


Johnny again… We were invited for dinner by the municipality, they had this nice party, with mariachis, lots of food and booze… but as you can see we were exhausted and leaved early…

Cuarto Zimapan

the room where we slept… it had a weird vibe…


…some tamales and atole for breakfast 🙂

mmmhhh… still more film to scan… I’ll be posting more stuff later as soon as I finish… enjoy this post and forgive me again for the dusty scans but I am reaaaaally lazy to clean film or edit them all!



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Johnny rockstar shot is great! 🙂

Comment by Cassie Jones

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