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You keep your cards so close to your chest you’re making me confused…
May 18, 2009, 1:11 am
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The title is actually the opening phrase of the first verse of Fireworks by The Whitest Boy Alive… so all of you open your music players, iTunes,Windows Media Player, Winamp (does anybody still uses it?),  or whatever you use and groove to the tune while you enjoy some of these photos… go here if you don’t have the song…

Today I went to the Santa Cruz  Fair… originally celebrated the first days of May -the 3rd to be exact- But because that stupid swine flu it was postponed ’til today, and it is actually a nice place to hang around and break the routine… anyway… here are some photos…


that’s the Santa Cruz church and the fireworks tower…


just arriving, quite calm actually…


dunno… just thought it was funny actually…


time to eat so me and Ally went for some giant quesadillas!


just some random sighting at the fair


Fair bread… not my favourite really…


just really liked the colors…



notice the girl covered in foam…


Ally… shortie with a big beer… just before the fireworks began we had to run to her house, we had an emergency… too much beer!!

and so the fireworks began!!











the crowd at the end of the fireworks… shit! it was a mess


dunno… like the colours…

OK.. kind of a shitty post but it was a long time since the last one…

hope you’re all well and not unemployed like me 😦 fuckin’ crisis!!


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Pk no fui requerida para la feria? PK????
Hahaha, ay Celso. No ando desempleada pero ya sabes que estoy a dos meses de serlo, y con el plus de que tbn seré homeless 😀
A ver, supera eso?
Un abrazo, feliz semana 🙂

Comment by pUpPe

I haven’t seen a blog from you in ages mate!
great to see that you’re still shooting. 😉

Comment by Sonny

I know!! it’s been a while, but hey, I won’t stop shooting!… I just got some rolls developed so I will be posting some scans soon!

Comment by aldorios

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