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More photos from long ago…
November 27, 2008, 2:33 pm
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well… actually not sooooo long ago… like a year and a half… from a holiday at England, Denmark and in between…


this is at the airport on our departure… 9 hours from Mexico City to London… yay! actually it’s not that boring… the flight from London to Mexico was boring as hell!! fuckin’ jet lag sucks!!


A ride at the London eye… obligatory stop… at least if you wanna wait for an hour in the queue…


My father and my sister just enjoying the ride…


and after the ride some chineese food wich my sister didn’t like that much… she prefered McDonald’s, wich I discovered it’s a great choice when you really don’t want to try exotic food from other places… or just are in a hurry and don’t wanna mess with a fancy restaurant and wait for your meal half and hour…


my father, he enjoys any kind of food… really!



just playing around at the tube… you see and hear all kind of stories…


uhm… it looks like everyone noticed me, which was actually fun having the frame with all kind of people looking at the camera…


… nothing really…


St. Paul’s and it’s surroundings…



she was taking a hell lotta photos with her 30D… something like the “Tourist’s Disease”: go to the desired place, take a lot of pictures in the minimum time possible, then run to the next tourist point and repeat the procedure… they just don’t seem to enjoy the place! they don’t take much time to contemplate… they just need something to say they were there… anyway… the fact is I took this photo because she looked pretty… that’s all…


more Tourist’s Disease…


I took a very similar photo 10 months before… and took this one just for fun… you know… same place, different people, maybe similar situations…


at the Millenium Bridge… sometimes I think that I’ll end up this way… could be fun… could be awful… god knows…


and even more Tourist’s Disease…


DOF at the Tower of London 


…fancy passers by…


that’s right… you guess…T.D.


Inside the Tower of London…


Leaving the tube…

mmm… i guess I’ll be posting the Denmark photos in another blog post…

sorry if you see a lot of dust in the scans but really… i’m just too lazy now to clean film or edit… cheers!


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